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Managing Energy Integrity and Maintaining Efficiency in Practice


Sue Lilly of Mandala Complementary Therapies has been training complementary practitioners for over thirty years and has been working as a kinesiologist and energy worker for over forty years. Experience has taught her that the unseen pressures of working with clients can build up over time and these reduce efficiency, resilience, quality of health, enjoyment and can lead eventually to burn-out. Having invested in good quality training it is important to be able to continue to practice for as long as wanted and in the best possible health.

Divided into sections, this course describes and gives techniques to deal with personal energy protection and person-to-person issues. There are videos to see and audios to listen to, demonstrating processes such as grounding techniques, centre-line breathing, Cook’s hook up and thymus tapping and how to deal with people who drain your energy and people who are ace manipulators. This course is a must for all therapists.

Students who train with Sue get this necessary information to help them with this as part of their courses. For others, this CPD course covers the diverse range of topics that can help you maintain your energetic health - the area of your own wellbeing that carries the invisible costs of dealing with clients, the costs that are often being underestimated, missed or ignored. Although this course was initially intended for therapists and students, it is also relevant to anyone who is very sensitive to other people and their surroundings and anyone who deals with other people as part of their day to day life.

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