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Current and Former ETS H&S Student Comments and Appraisals

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FHT Health & Safety CPD
Learnt so much on my course, great support, thank you.😊
NE, Bethania. October 2018


FHT Health & Safety CPD
The information was comprehensive and covered topics I had never considered. I feel confident engaging in health and safety, something which intimidated me. The information is given in short digestible chunks. The test questions which pop up during the learning definitely accelerated my learning.
RP, Harrow. August 2018


FHT Health & Safety CPD
Very informative. Some really useful links included. Very easy to use and feedback from tutors makes it feel as if help isn't far away if you need it
BH, Hereford. July 2018


FHT Health & Safety CPD
Excellent course covering all the essentials and more. Good preparation for implementing h&s in my practice
JB, Minehead. January 2018


FHT Health & Safety CPD
I found the course interesting and challenging due to the subject matter. I felt that it was presented really well though, which enabled me to keep focused! Hoping to study the pathology next year.
CL, Ilminster. December 2017


FHT Health & Safety CPD
Thoroughly enjoyed the course, the website was easy to navigate with fantastic content.
EE, Luton. September 2017


FHT Health & Safety CPD
I have just passed FHT Health & Safety cpd. I bought this course yesterday and today my certificate is in the post. I did spent most day studying as I needed it asap. I have found this course well written and easy to remember. This is my second diploma from ETS and the tutorial support was also great!
PC, London. September 2017


FHT Health & Safety CPD
Just completed the Essential Health & Safety diploma and have to say it was an unexpectedly enjoyable course! Many useful website links are used throughout the course content that can be referred to now and bookmarked for future reference. Lots of advise and packed full of so much important information. Tutors are approachable, supportive and helpful both on the phone and by email. Overall, this is an excellent and well structured course to study and I highly recommend it to everyone!
WK, Elstow. July 2017


IFPA Health & Safety CPD
An informative and easy to follow course, the information given was well reflected in the self-assessments giving confidence before taking the final ones. Tutor support has been brilliant and I feel confident in the subject I have learnt.
ED, Hinckley. June 2017


FHT Health & Safety CPD
Despite my fear of attempting to complete this course, the online information was quite easy to access and easy to use. Thank you.
SD, Manchester. May 2017


FHT Health & Safety CPD
I am an adult with special needs, who likes doing coures. I selected this qualification, based on how impressed I was with the a&p e-ssential online plus I did to help me pass a course. Good communication even on course selection. Broken down into structured parts, everything to hand upbeat, practice tests. Being able to tap into a learning zone in my own environment, not getting side tracked or drained by classroom distractions or the time to travel to them. Gave me more energy and motivation to enjoy studying something different. Thanks.
MH, London. May 2017


FHT Health & Safety CPD
I didn't actually need any tutor support but it was a very comprehensive course and was a very good test for future knowledge of health and safety and related topics within the course. Thank you and well done.
LP, Birmingham. April 2017


FHT Health & Safety CPD
Excellent courses. This is my second. They are full of content and very current material. No problem in recommending to anyone wanting to do a course.
JW, Hunmanby. March 2017


FHT Health & Safety CPD
I have just completed the FHT Health & Safety CPD course. The course was easy to access and complete. Fortunately I did not need any support to complete the course but I am sure it would have been there if I had.
JB, Worthing. March 2017


AOR Health & Safety CPD
Informative course, easy to use system.
JM, Ballymena. February 2017


AOR Health & Safety CPD
I found it excellent to navigate through; the course content was a lot but brilliant revision having not looked at health and safety since training for reflexology diploma.
KS, Colchester. January 2017


FHT Health & Safety CPD
Found course easy to use good information and useful.
KC, Bristol. November 2016


IFPA Health & Safety CPD
I enjoyed the course and have learned a lot and been reminded how important it is to use commonsense.
JT, Preston. November 2016


FHT Health & Safety CPD
Good information and easy steps to complete and useful links to further information. I recommend going through tutorials slowly as its harder than it looks, and helps the content go in. I didn't use the tutor support, however it is encouraging to receive supportive emails as you work through the sections.
AE, Wimborne. October 2016


FHT Health & Safety CPD
Very easy to navigate, clearly written tutorials. Will use again.
GA, Cowfold. September 2016


FHT Health & Safety CPD
Very easy steps to follow and learn the course as my first language isn't English. Glad my college referred me to ETS.
YH, East Finchley. July 2016


FHT Health & Safety CPD
It was very interesting and easy, thanks for everything.
LR, London. July 2016



The testimonials below were received before June 2016 and as such were not scored on our star-scoring basis.


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