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Helpful Info - Can't View the Demo page?

To view the Demo page, you may need to disable your Pop-Up Blocker. (see what is a pop-up blocker? - below).

The demo page is best viewed in an 800 x 600 window. Consequently when you press the demo button, it tries to open a window of that exact size. Some browsers might ask for your permission to open a window, in which case on our site you can say yes.

Alternatively you can click the following link to view the Demo page without disabling your blocker. However, please remember that the demo will NOT look it's best unless it is seen in the described format. Rest assured this is a very minor issue and in no way effects our product. But if you have any concerns about this issue, please don't hesitate to contact us.

To view Demo Page without disabling Pop-Up Blocker, click here



What Is A Pop-Up Blocker?

A pop-up blocker is a security measure included in most browser software, doing exactly what it says - stopping pop-up windows from opening.

Less scrupulous sites in the past opened dozens of unwanted and unwelcome windows upon viewing their sites. These could include advertising, nuisance messages or even harmful viruses. Consequently pop-up blockers were created to prevent this occurrence.

Unfortunately this has had an impact on those genuine sites, like ourselves, that use Pop-Up windows to display our products when they are requested.

Consequently whilst on OUR website, if you are asked by your browser whether you wish to block pop ups, you can say no, as we make no use of of such nuisance tactics.