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ETS News Summary

Client Management System Update and New Video

March Special Offer

ETS Referral Scheme 

Maintaining Best Practice


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See what our students think about our courses!


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ETS News Summary

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2013. It's the Spring edition but it feels a tad cold outside for that!
Sharon and Chris, ETS Directors

After our very hectic year in 2012, we have been consolidating and in February we had the busiest day for student enrolment in the history of ETS! We have altered the way in which the Client Management System is distributed and an updated Windows 8 compatible version has just been released, along with a new supporting video which you can view from the link below.
We are delighted to welcome Energise Therapies and Training and the College of Oriental Body Balance to our team of ETS Affiliates. We developed a new question bank for one of our affiliates this quarter too, so it really is all about teamwork!
We are not exhibiting at Holistic Health at the NEC this year but will be attending on Monday 20th May. If anyone would like to meet up please just let us know.
During the month of March Marie Curie have their Great Daffodil Appeal and we are delighted to have an article about end of life care from Irene Booker, a Marie Curie Ambassador.
We hope you enjoy this newsletter and if you would like us to consider an article for publication in the next newsletter please just contact us!


Client Management System Update and New Video
The Client Management System is now available as a download (instead of CD) so you can get your hands on it even quicker! It has also passed its testing for Windows 8 compatibility.
To celebrate this moment we have released a new, short video outlining this exciting, useful product. You can view it from here now -
For full details on the Client Management System and more detailed videos if you liked that one, please click here.

March Special Offer
We have a special offer on the web site every month. This month, you can save £5 on all orders of £50 or more and £15 on all orders of £100 or more!
To save your money, enter Promotional Code SAVE5 or SAVE15 and the offer amount will be deducted from your shopping cart.
Why pay more?


ETS Referral Scheme
We have been running a referral scheme for several years. If you recommend a potential student to our VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology we send you £25 of M&S vouchers. For all our CPD courses, whether they are FHT, AoRIFPA or Bowen Association approved, we send you a £5 M&S voucher. 
Marks & Spencer Vouchers
All you need to do is to email us or call with the person's name, we log the recommendation, and when the person enrols we notify you and send you the vouchers. We do NOT contact the person direct to try to make the sale. If they want to enrol they contact us. It is a friendly, passive process!  

Maintaining Best Practice


Have you tried our free tutorial yet? 100s have!

The Protection from Abuse tutorial is free to take. It is one of our seven Maintaining Best Practice tutorials. For each tutorial you can automatically print a Certificate of Participation for your CPD portfolio when you complete it.

For full details please click here

End of Life Care - The Wonderful Work of Marie Curie Nurses
By Irene Booker, Marie Curie Nurse Ambassador

As a Marie Curie Nurse I get to see first-hand how important good quality “End of Life Care” is. It is a marvellous privilege to be involved with a family who are caring for a terminally ill loved one.

Most people would prefer to be in their own home  when they die, surrounded by their own familiar things, family and friends able to pop in without the worry of being in a hospital setting or finding a parking space and being able to see their garden that they may have created. This all adds to creating harmony and peace at this emotional time.

A Marie Curie nurse’s role is varied. We have to be prepared for all types of scenarios, from tranquil and calm to one of chaos.

We work in patients own homes completely free of charge caring for patients who have a terminal illness such as heart failure, renal failure, motor neurone disease, AIDS, cardio-pulmonary disease as well as cancer of course.

The family is usually providing most of the care but it can be extremely exhausting and certain skills may be needed when medication for example is involved. Support for the family and encouragement is sometimes all that is needed to prevent an unwanted admission to hospital for the dying patient. Reassurance that what is happening is natural and if and when there are any signs of agitation or pain, we can deliver the prescribed relief in the form of medication or simply a gentle word or two.

At 10pm every night, somewhere in the UK Marie Curie nurses will be knocking on doors to nurse a patient overnight. The family will be able to sleep well knowing that their loved one is in capable and skilled hands. 
Being present at the death of a patient is as varied as the different personalities and families we meet but it is never as dramatic as they portray on the TV. I happen to believe I can sense a time before death when the spirit is hovering above the body. A relief that their final steps have been taken on this earth and their journey of illness and suffering is over.

The month of March is our GREAT DAFFODIL APPEAL. Please support us by buying a daffodil and/or offering an hour or two of your time to collect for us.

Thank you

Irene Booker
Marie Curie Nurse Ambassador

Wanted - Your Articles!
Our newsletter has a wide distribution to students, tutors and practitioners of complementary therapies, plus many other interested parties. If you have a relevant story to tell about, for example, your career path, therapy or business, please do send it to us. We cannot accept adverts or purely "salesy" editorials but you can link to your business/product at the end. Whether you just want to share a learning experience with others or promote a therapy, it's a great way to get your thoughts out to a targeted audience. Please do share! 
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