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Our 16th Anniversary!

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See what our students think about our courses!
See what our students think about our courses!


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ETS News Summary
Hello and welcome to the fourth and final newsletter of 2014. We have no idea where this year has gone but it has been a great one from start to finish! 
We are delighted to have 2 fantastic articles for you in this newsletter, one on Supporting Stress, by Sally Earlam, Head of Training and Education at the AoR, and  the other is a life-changing article, helping you to find your S.H.I.N.E. by Personal Spiritual Mentor Anna-Louise Haigh. If you need help to find and follow your heart's true desire do not miss this one.  
Here at ETS, this quarter has been particularly busy, with a record number of student enrollments, boosted by the ever-growing number of affiliates/cpd partners that we now have the privilege of supporting. If you run a private school or are a college tutor, please do click here and take a look at what is on offer for you. 
Talking of CPD partners, we were delighted to speak a couple of weeks ago at the Association of Reflexologists Area Group Leaders meeting in London. What a super team of people, and our talk about CPD and ideas for activities for use in group meeting went down a storm. Thanks again for having us!
The AoR and ETS have jointly produced a mini booklet that samples the Complete Pathology for Complementary Therapies book.
This booklet also offers some rather lovely promotional codes so you may wish to - 
Last month we celebrated our 16th anniversary and ran a prize draw for 16 roses. The winner was announced on social media and can be seen below, along with 16 facts that you may not know about the business. 

As mentioned above, in this newsletter Sally Earlam, Head of Training and Education at the Association of Reflexologists has contributed a great article on
supporting stress, anxiety and depression (did you know that it is estimated that 1 in 4 people will experience some kind of mental health problem in the course of a year?). Do not miss the free download!
Our second article is outstanding. It comes from Anna-Louise Haigh, Personal Spiritual Mentor, Retreat Leader and Author. If you have been putting the same things in and getting the same things out and feel it is time for a change then do not miss Getting Ready to S.H.I.N.E. and download your first step to making some life-changes.
We hope you enjoy this newsletter and if you would like us to consider an article of yours for publication in the next newsletter please just contact us!

VTCT Qualification News
AC30407, Accreditation Number 600/4845/1
Comprises of Unit R/503/7640 (UV31299)
13 Credits, 94 Guided Learning Hours
Certification End Date 31/07/2019
The registration end date of the VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for Complementary Therapies has been extended from 31st August 2015 to 31st July 2016.
Students already enrolled or enrolling before this date will now have until 31st July 2019 to complete the course. That should give plenty of time then!
The beauty/complementary therapy qualifications are set for another overhaul in 2016. One change we know about already is that students will, instead of just being awarded a pass, be able to be awarded a merit or distinction. We'll keep you posted.

Our 16th Anniversary!
16 Lesser-Known Facts About ETS
* The business launch was on 31st October 1998 at Warwick University.
* The first product released was Essential Aromatherapy, available on CD or in 3 wire-bound manuals. CDs were cut to order!
* The ETS Directors, Sharon and Chris, are sisters.
* ETS won the Silver Award for self-study course of the year from the Institute for IT Training, presented at the Dorchester Hotel in London. We accidentally got photographed and were published as the winners!
* Anatomy & Physiology was originally written to be solely a part of our Reflexology package.
* The first e-learning product was released in 2005.
* Chris is a granny and Sharon owns a horse.
* E-ssential Anatomy & Physiology was accredited by the Royal College of Nursing.

* We drove a skeleton wearing a baseball cap and holding a can of Slimfast up the M6 to an exhibition.
* Our courses are hosted on secure servers in Ireland.
* We became an approved VTCT Centre in 2006. Elizabeth was our first successful student.
* Two gentlemen flew all the way from The Gambia to take their final assessments.
* Nearly 800 students have joined us to take VTCT qualifications.
* The Client Management System is the only product that we have ever released that has not been designed and developed totally in-house.
* As a business and family we raise money for Marie Curie, Stepping Stones and Parkinson’s UK.
* Chris and Sharon love ETS as much today as they did 16 years ago.
What a privilege.
And the 16th Anniversary
Prize Winner Was Sandra! Congratulations!
The Winner 

FHT Membership
The FHT have requested that we remind our audience about the benefits of FHT membership. You could have access to:
  • Free case study insurance
  • Tailor-made insurance policies 
  • Therapy articles and industry news, including the International Therapist journal and monthly e-updates
  • Local meetings with like-minded therapists
  • Seminars, workshops and qualifications
  • Discounted high-quality equipment and products
  • A listing on the FHT Directory 
  • A listing on the FHT Complementary Therapy Register
  • The FHT excellence awards 
To talk to a membership and insurance adviser, simply call 023 8062 4350. Mention you know us and you may even get extra-special treatment! 

Supporting Stress, Anxiety and Depression - What Can Help
Sally Earlam FMAR, BSc, RN, PGCE
Association of Reflexologists - Head of Training and Education
The way people are living their lives appears to have changed dramatically over the last century with many people reporting that they are living busier and often stressful lives. We all need to recognise the detrimental effect that stress can have on our wellbeing and take action to help maintain both physical and mental health.
There is now evidence showing that the way we live our lives can significantly affect our mental wellbeing and certain activities, if incorporated into our daily routines, can help us deal with stress, anxiety and depression – including Reflexology of course!
If you want to read more about the prevalence of anxiety and depression, taken from the Mental Health Organisation's statistics, and the life-style changes that can be made to support it, please click here. If you treat clients with anxiety and depression you will find this download really useful!
Additionally, if you would like to know more about reflexology and the emotions:-
  • Do emotions affect the reflexes on our feet?
  • Are you aware of the effect of the therapeutic relationship?
  • Want to know more about PTSD?
- then the Reflexions magazine is for you!
We are delighted to be able to offer you the chance to purchase and download our June edition on ‘Reflexology and the Emotions’ for just £3.99 – usually only available to members!
To purchase please go to:
If you just want to know more about reflexology, or want to find a properly qualified reflexologist then please visit:
Or for a full list of benefits available to our members, please visit:
Getting Ready to S.H.I.N.E. in 2015
By Personal Spiritual Mentor, Retreat Leader and Author, Anna-Louise Haigh
Are You A Shadow Dancer Who Is Ready To S.H.I.N.E.?

Guidance To Overcoming Your Resistance
We have all been there. A new idea, project, course or opportunity presents itself and it seems like finally the Law of Attraction is working. Sound familiar? I am a reformed Master of Resistance. I have been in your shoes, but I have not walked that mile or two that would truly let me know what challenges or inspires you. Therefore, let’s journey together, side by side, for a little while and see what transpires.
Were you Born to Serve?
At the heart of a true life-inspirer is the pulse of wanting to be of service. Let’s be clear on this. While you may have a particular offering that you feel passionate about delivering to others, it does not mean that you sacrifice your life and become subservient for the sake of others benefit. You know if you were born to serve the good of others if you can answer Yes to at least three of these statements:
1. You feel drawn to a non-traditional career or employment such as being a therapist, carer or educator.
2. You can recall numerous times when your time was given to helping others rather than seeing to your own list of jobs to do.
3. Others reply on you for help or to provide guidance regularly.
4. You have a creative side that perhaps you have not fully developed.
5. You tell yourself that ‘one day’ you will have time for You.
Going by how many of the above statements ring true for you tells you the degree to which your soul needs to find appreciation and identity through being in-service to others. This piece of awareness can help inform your direction and life choices and it can also be a point from which to develop the other sides of your character and your individual needs. If your life path seems highlighted by many moments of ‘if I only had the time to do ….’, then today could well be the day that things start to change for you. Read on…

Shadow Dancing
So often, when there is a greater calling waiting for us, we hold ourselves in a place of justifiable comfort. This means that we stay within established role in life that is rewarding enough and relatively easy to manage instead of tapping into our courage and creativity to step into what would really make our heart sing. We might tell ourselves that it is necessary to stay in the role or life situation we find ourselves because:
  • It is safe
  • It brings the money in reliably
  • It is what others expect from us and we don’t want to let them down
  • We wouldn’t be supported if we changed
  • It might mean risks that could prove too challenging
  • It serves our need to be liked, loved or recognised
  • It is too late to change ‘at this age’
  • That we don’t have the skills or knowledge or finances to support perusing the path that really feels right
Do you have any other reasons, you could add to this list?
Shadow dancing, as I call it is the act of staying in a particular role or on a certain path with the knowledge deep within your heart and soul that there is a greater calling waiting within you to be heard. The voice that would like to be heard represents the essence of their soul’s journey which is capable of enriching their life path. For many, all too often this voice has been silenced long ago. However, the magical thing is that it can be awakened at any moment. The key is to be willing to listen.

What is Resistance?
The scenario is one of universal similarity. You have an idea, or enrol on a course or accept an invitation to do something that you have been dreaming of for a long time. You think that your ship has come in and this will be the turning point or at least the start of something much better in your life. You tell your friends, post it on Facebook, convince your partner and family that you CAN do this and it is SO right for you and then it happens… hit The Wall.
There are many disguises for resistance. It is that old demon that waits just below the surface of your enthusiasm. It is the energy that reminds you of the cupboards that need clearing, the socks that need pairing, the eyebrows that need trimming, the ton of sweet wrappers in your car that you have been meaning to clear out…and at the same time urges you to give your car a full valet inside and out….for the first time ever! Sound familiar? If you are smiling you certainly know what I mean!!! My particular resistance cycle began with eyebrows, wardrobe then garden….and I am not a keen gardener, so I always knew when I was really resisting something!
The questions then is what is there to be afraid of?
Considering all the reasons why we Shadow Dance, there is one main reason why we let the fear of stepping out of the known into the unknown. And that is FEAR. Most commonly there are 4 great fears, although there are many more which spin off from these key 4.
4 Fears that stop you in your tracks:
1. Losing money
2. Losing your home
3. Losing your loved ones
4. Losing your life
So it is natural and sensible to have some degree of resistance when you are considering embarking on a new venture. However, managed properly, none of the so called ‘fears’ are real. Remember that fear is generally – False, Evidence, Appearing, Real.
The truth about resistance:
  • It helps by slowing you down so you can thoroughly consider what you are about to undertake
  • It acts as a quality check for your thinking before you act
  • It offers motivation hidden behind a need for more information
  • It is your launch pad for greater things – the greater the resistance the greater the rewards on the other side
Turning up the Volume
Overcoming resistance is a matter of creating new mental habits by focusing on what is true and real rather than what is imagined. Consider these 5 truths:
1. You are here to do something beautiful
2. The people whose lives you touch have been waiting for you
3. What makes your heart sing is what brings greater love to the world
4. Fulfilment comes through taking the journey and seeing your resistance for what it really is
5. By showing up in your life you are inspiring and empowering others to do so without realising it
If you knew that the project, ambition, creative idea you have been nurturing would succeed, when would you start? Who would be the first person you would want to tell about your new direction? What is the first thing you would do to set your course for success. In others words, if failure was not an option, and you knew that you had the personal and spiritual resources to calmly navigate your chosen course… would that feel?
In truth, there is that on any day, at any point you can declare yourself ready and able to move forward in the direction of your dreams. Sometimes, more time is spent making excuses and avoiding taking action that it would take to make the first few steps that you could feel really good about!
Most of what causes us to stay in our shadow is the self-talk we listen to. You have a powerful mind and it is in your control. By creating new images of how your life can be you can start to align with the ways to progress gently towards that life.
The fact that you are still reading this says that you are more ready than you think to take the next step. No matter how large of small your idea or creative dream, you can start to make it a reality. In doing so, even though it may be a part of your future-self and not the whole end result, you will be increasing your ability to S.H.I.N.E.
What does it mean to S.H.I.N.E.?
We all have the capacity to follow our heart’s desire, to create or generate something from within us that brings pure satisfaction, fulfilment and joy. When we let go of the external illusion of being measured by outside parameters, then freedom is on the horizon.
To step into your truth in this way means to have your Soul Harmony In Natural Expression – in other words, you are listening and following the song that makes your heart sing, that brings a deep sense of joy and peace, that feels really right and that honours your soul journey and life path at the same time. Can you picture your life in that way?
To help you take the next steps, I have created a guidance pathway for you. You can download it now, print it, share it and most of all do it! Through its steps you will be able to focus on discovering your way to S.H.I.N.E. Remember that there is only one requirement…..that you ‘just start’!


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