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Aromatherapy Training Products - Training Manual Download

Essential Aromatherapy DOWNLOAD

Essential Aromatherapy is a revision tool for Aromatherapy students. With over 500 questions you can test your understanding as you progress. But it is also a reference guide for qualified Aromatherapists. Before you treat a client you can reference any of the 46 conditions and establish the most appropriate oils. Don't slip into the rut of just using your favourite six oils because you can't remember enough about the others!


Essential Aromatherapy is comprehensive and well written. The wealth of information is logically divided into chapters. The text is clear and well set out, and there is plenty of 'white space' for additional notes to be added if necessary.

The Chapters Include:

Introduction to Aromatherapy - Introduces the concept of Aromatherapy.

History - Looks at the evidence of the use of a form of Aromatherapy by our Early Ancestors, the Indians, Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. It also considers some of the most influential figures in the development of Aromatherapy including Avicenna, Hildegard, Culpepper, Perkin, Whitla, Hall, Gattefossé, Valnet and Maury.

Methods of Extraction – This section describes a number of ways in which aromatic products are extracted from plants, including distillation, hydro-diffusion, expression, solvent extraction, enfleurage, maceration, carbon dioxide extraction and phytol-extraction.

Methods of Use - After a look at how essential oils access the body, the following methods of use are covered – baths, bidet/douche/sitz bath, compresses, creams/lotions, diffusers, jacuzzi, massage, perfume, pot pourri, room spray, sauna, shower and inhalation.

Safety – This section deals with the important safety considerations that must always be at the forefront of every Aromatherapist’s mind including safe quantities, safe storage, hazardous oils, sensitising oils, photosensitising oils, toxic oils and, very importantly, contra-indications.

Properties of Essential Oils - This section starts by taking a quick look at the process in which essential oils are formed in plants. The economic value of these oils is then discussed, paying particular attention to the way in which oils can be detrimentally altered after extraction. This leads on to the properties that make essential oils so sought after. The general properties such as their solubility and volatility are considered first, followed by an overview of their therapeutic properties.

Chemistry - This section looks at the chemistry of essential oils. After a short introduction, some basic chemistry is covered to enable an appreciation of the chemical make up of compounds commonly found in essential oils. Information on alcohols, aldehydes, esters, ethers, ketones, lactones, oxides, phenols and terpenes is then presented.

Index of Essential Oils – Information on the following 44 oils is included:

Blending – This section discusses some of the considerations involved when blending (mixing) oils, including choice of oils, quantities, blending procedure and storage.

Carrier Oils - This section looks at 17 carrier oils in which essential oils can be diluted.

Conditions and Treatments – This section provides an excellent reference for the qualified practitioner. It contains information on the following 46 conditions and treatments:

Professionalism - This section outlines some of the factors involved in trading as a professional Aromatherapist. The information is available under the following headings:

Revision and Exam Tips - This short section gives a few helpful tips on revision and exam technique.

Essential Aromatherapy also has a glossary containing around 400 items and over 500 questions for you to assess your understanding.

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