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Reflexology Training Products - Manuals, Question Banks and Online Resources with Essential Training Solutions

As well as the following Reflexology training products ETS also offer online continuing professional development courses in partnership with the Association of Reflexologists (AOR).

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AoR Approved Reflexology Question Bank and Online Resource

AoR Approved Reflexology Question BankThis AoR Approved Reflexology Question Bank and Online Resource contains reflexology quizzes, case studies, a downloadable reference, reflexology video clips and more. From a self-testing perspective, there are 6 reflexology quizzes. Each randomly draws thought provoking questions from question banks. Each reflexology quiz can be repeated any number of times. More details.

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Reflexology Study Manual - DOWNLOAD

Reflexology Study Manual

Essential Reflexology is designed for students taking a Reflexology course or therapists who need to refresh. Can you really remember the primary target area for asthma?! Recently upgraded and now available as an immediate download, Essential Reflexology is perfect for both revision and reference. It contains core reflexology information, action photographs and many graphics. All in all it is a comprehensive reflexology resource. More details.

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Reflexology Question Bank and Online Resource

Reflexology Question BankTest Yourself and Learn Tool - the Perfect Revision Tool Ideal for students and qualified practitioners, this Question Bank and Online Resource combines reference with self-testing. As well as a selection of question banks there are reference pdfs to download (including the details of 82 conditions and treatments) and 27 video clips of various techniques being performed. There is always something new to learn! More details.

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