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Reflexology Training Products - Training Manual Download

Essential Reflexology DOWNLOAD

Essential Reflexology is a revision tool for Reflexology students. With many questions and 20 thought provoking case studies you can test your understanding before you hit the exam room. But it is also a reference guide for qualified Reflexologists. Before you treat a client you can reference any of the 84 conditions to establish the primary target areas, find out if there are any associated areas of assistance and look up what holistic advice you could give.


Written in association with Anna-Louise Haigh, the former Principal of the British School of Reflexology (Northern), Essential Reflexology contains core reflexology information, details of over 80 conditions, a concise anatomy and physiology section, a full glossary and 20 case studies. All this is supported by action photographs and many graphics. The text is clear and well set out, and there is plenty of 'white space' for additional notes to be added if necessary.

The Sections Include:

Introduction to Reflexology - This section introduces the concept of reflexology. It looks at the definition, effects and the general principle of the treatment.

History of Reflexology - Looks at evidence of the existence of primitive reflexology in ancient Egypt, India and China. The concept of Zone Therapy, reintroduced in the early 20th century by Fitzgerald, is then covered, followed by the influence of the modern pioneers including Bowers, Riley, Ingham, Marquardt, Byers and Gillanders.

The Principle - This section looks at the principle of reflexology, namely the fact that the feet mirror the body. This is discussed by breaking down typical foot charts and comparing the position of the major anatomical structures with the corresponding reflex areas. The influence of zone therapy and the presence of areas of assistance are also considered.

The Treatment - This section looks at the factors that influence a reflexology treatment. This includes the impact of a few commonly used drugs. The general features of the treatment such as the creeping thumb technique, bi-directional working and the various foot supports are then covered. The various functions of relaxation techniques are explained and 20 of these techniques are explained. The section ends by briefly looking at some of the theories on how a reflexology treatment actually works.

Safety – This is concerned with the safety issues associated with reflexology. It begins by looking at how the treatment can be adapted to meet the needs of the majority of individuals. Possible reactions to the treatment are then listed. The main circumstances that may prevent a reflexology treatment are discussed, followed by a look at the circumstances under which extra care must be taken.

Conditions - This section looks at 84 common conditions and gives the primary target area(s) and any appropriate area(s) of assistance for the reflexology treatment. It provides an excellent reference for the qualified practitioner. The conditions included are as follows:

Several additional foot and nail conditions are also included.

The Developing Professional - This section outlines some of the factors involved in trading as a professional reflexologist. The information is available from a menu under the following headings:

Hand Reflexology - Covers the uses and limitations of hand reflexology. It includes a look at the guidelines on the hand and the hand charts.

Anatomy and Physiology - This section includes the entire content of Essential Anatomy & Physiology – The Elementary Guide, and so provides a concise account of all body systems and structures.

Case Studies - Contains information about 20 fictitious clients/situations. Each is followed by a number of questions to test understanding and decision making.

Revision and Exam Tips - This short section gives a few helpful tips on revision and exam technique.

Essential Reflexology also has a glossary containing around 300 terms and about 300 questions to assess your understanding.

Format Information

The download is a PDF file (Portable Document Format - Adobe Acrobat). Most computers contain Adobe Acrobat Reader software and will open the download without issue. However, if your computer does not contain this software, it can be downloaded from Adobe by clicking the following link:

Adobe Acrobat Reader is free, secure and without obligation. For more information on Adobe, click here.

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