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Paper Chasers

Paper Chasers - From just £15.99

Learning via a PC screen can often send you goggle-eyed. Sometimes there's nothing better than the feel of paper in your hand - a tangible book that you can read on the train, in the garden and even in the bath. For our fellow paper chasers, ETS provide:

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The Lowdown...

Okay paper chasers, here they are; good old paper products just for you:


Complete Pathology for Complementary Therapies (book) - £15.99

Great quick-reference for conscientious students and a terrific resource for qualified therapists, Complete Pathology for Complementary Therapies provides targeted need to know information on 150+ medical conditions. The conditions included are:

For each condition the definition, possible causes, general signs and symptoms, conventional medical treatment, prognosis and holistic advice are covered, providing a solid reference to help therapists understand conditions that their clients may present.

Complete Pathology for Complementary Therapies was written in partnership with the Association of Reflexologists but it has no bias to reflexology. It is written as a generic guide to support ALL therapists.

If you would like to test yourself on these conditions, remember we have a Complete Pathology Quiz-A-Thon for you!

Anatomy and Physiology Level 3 Study Manual - £29.99

This comprehensive manual has supported 1000s of students through their exams! As well as providing the detailed information required to meet the current Level 3 syllabus, Essential Anatomy & Physiology also presents over 650 self-testing questions, concise system summaries that are ideal for that panic revision, unlabelled graphics to practise with, plus a full glossary of terms.

Each body system is explained logically and knowledge is built up step-by-step. The comprehensive, coherent explanations, combined with clarity of delivery, help make the subject less daunting whilst encouraging learning and aiding retention. The text is clear and well set out, providing plenty of 'white space' for you to add your own notes if you wish. You will keep referring to it once you have passed your exams too!

(Also available on CD)

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